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Widely known

as the, "Swimming Anime",

Kyoto Animation took the pre-fandom to thought (or planned to release this all along and have been trolling everyone, that's Kyoto Animation for ya!)!

And now, we have "Free!"

An anime that includes bishonen boys, friendships and, best of all SWIMMING! (The broadcast will start ABC / Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, TOKYO MX, TV Aichi, in BS11 from July of 2013!)

As the series evolves, it is the community's job to update and edit information about Free!

Haruka, Rin, Makoto, and Nagisa used to be the members of the same swimming club in elementary school. They won a tournament just before their graduation and then they went separate ways. Time passed and now Haruka has been spending his high school days leisurely. One day, Rin comes to Haruka and welcomes him to a swim. Haruka easily gets overwhelmed by Rin's swimming skills. In order to beat Rin, Haruka organizes the "Iwatobi High School Swimming Club" by gathering Makoto and Nagisa again and drafting in Rei.

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Haruka Nanase, voiced by Shimazaki, Nobunaga

Rin Matsuoka, voiced by Miyano, Mamoru

Nagisa Hazuki, voiced by Yonago, Tsubasa

Rei Ryugazaki, voiced by Hirakawa, Daisuke

Makoto Tachibana, voiced by Suzuki, Tatsuhisa

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  • By the way, this series isn't yaoi -- KyoAni might have hints of shonen-ai, like how in some of their other works they have shoujo-ai hints but for now this is not confirmed to be a yaoi. Therefore, it is just hot guys swimming unless KyoAni officially says otherwise~