小学生のころ、同じスイミングクラブに通っていた「七瀬遙」「橘真琴」「松岡凛」「葉月渚」 彼らは、小学校卒業前の大会での優勝を最後に、違う道へと進んでいく。

やがて時が経ち、高校生活を無為に過ごしていた遙の前に、突然、凛が現れる。 遙に勝負を挑み、圧倒的な強さを見せる凛。このままでは終われない。

そして、真琴と渚が再び集い、新たに「竜ヶ崎怜」を引き込んで、岩鳶高校水泳部を設立。 遙、真琴、渚、怜、そして、凛。 これは、躍動感あふれる男子高校生たちの、水泳と青春と絆の物語――

English TranslateEdit

The "Nanase far", being exposed to "water" - it was like to "swim".

When I was a child, "Nanase far", "Tachibana Makoto", "Matsuoka Rin," "Hazuki Nagisa" went to the same swimming club  at the end the winner of the tournament in the elementary school before graduation, they will continue to be to the way different.

Before much of the time passed before long, had spent idly high school life, suddenly, Rin appears.  Rin to challenge the game to much, show the overwhelming strength. It is not finished in this state.

And, Nagisa and Makoto get together again, and draws the "Ryugasaki Rei" a new, established a rock skipping high school swimming club.  Far, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rei, and phosphorus.  Of male high school students lively, this tells the story of the bond between youth and swimming -